First part of schedule almost done

On Sunday July 23 the last race of the Hobie 14 Worlds started just after 3.30pm local time. After a shower with upto 27 knts. of wind, Hobie Dragoon and Hobie 16 youth spi class both were kept ashore and their championships are done. At the same course of the Hobie 14, also Hobie 16 Women, Masters, Grandmasters and EHCA Spi Cup are competing their last race of the weekend. Tonight the first price giving will take place.

First racing day successful

Thursday July 20, 2017 the first 3 races were sailed for the Hobie 2017 Multi Worlds & Europeans in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. In the morning a small front of rain shower passed and at 11 o’clock both courses could start racing. To the south 52 Hobie 14’s battled it out in moderate winds, to the north both youth classes were competing; Hobie Dragoon and Hobie 16 youth spi. Three races were sailed back-to-back with wind slightly increasing during the [...]

Post Date: July 21, 2017

Sunny day @ Noordwijkbeach

Today we started of with already 90 registration for the Hobie2017 Multi Worlds & Europeans competition.  We are all very excited with the number of competitors and volunteers to make this event one we will always remember here at Noordwijk Beach. Over 290 competitors from 24 Nationalities will be starting in the next few days. We will keep you informed by the several social media links Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Just make sure you like our pages and follow us [...]

Post Date: July 19, 2017

Latest news and impressions

First sailors in Noordwijk – Registration truck opened – Holland Hobie House built-up – First pictures on social media Follow us on : Facebook: Hobie2017Noordwijk Instagram: Hobie2017 Twitter: Hobie2017 Facebook Sailing association Noordwijk: ZVNoordwijk Wind, weather, webcams Weather forecast Noordwijk: Windguru Noordwijk Sailing association Noordwijk:

Hobie Dragoon class promoted to Worlds

Today we have received approval from World Sailing to name the Hobie 2017 Multi Worlds & Europeans in Noordwijk the official Hobie Dragoon Worlds. With now 28 boats registered from 2 continents and 6 countries, this youth class meets the World Sailing requirements. Breaking News! If you are a youth contender sailing the Hobie Dragoon Class, we have great news for you! You will not be sailing a European, but a Worlds! Thank all of you, parents and trainers for making this possible. [...]

Shuttle bus service early runs cancelled

In the newsletter #2 from the organization team to all competitors, we asked to let us know whether you are interested in using the shuttle bus service from the camping grounds to the venue. Because of the high costs involved, and the limited number of positive responses, we have decided to cancell the 8AM and 9AM additional runs of this service.

Post Date: June 29, 2017

Lighthouse in sailing flood lights

The lighthouse in Noordwijk is regularly flooded in artistic colours and lights and with the Hobie 2017 Multi Worlds & Europeans coming, what else then a catamaran is shown on the 28 meter high building at the beginning of the main boulevard?

Post Date: June 8, 2017

Next pre-payment date is nearing! April 30, 2017

Second expiry date is nearing – ENTER NOW! On April 30, 2017 the next date expires to profit from a lower entry fee. After this date, you pay EUR 50 extra so why not enter now? When you already registered but haven’t finalized your payment yet, this date also determines your entry fee. So please pay up now and prevent a needless surprise; you’d better spend your money onsite with a beer & friends in the “Hobie way of life”!

Post Date: April 19, 2017

Special offer – Grandhotel Huis ter Duin

The venue of the Hobie 2017 Multi Worlds & Europeans in Noordwijk, The Netherlands, is directly in front of Grandhotel Huis ter Duin*****. As our principal sponsor and preferred supplier, the hotel likes to offer rooms at special rates to all participants of the Hobie Worlds & Europeans. On the website of the event you may find the guidelines (Dutch and English) with all the details of the booking process. The login code for participants is: 22883 The web address [...]

Post Date: April 5, 2017

Shuttle bus service from camping sites

During the Hobie® Multi Worlds & Europeans 2017, a shuttle bus service will be available daily. Normally this hop-on, hop-off bus runs at 1.00 AM, 11.00 AM and 12.00 AM but during the event two earlier rounds will be available: at 8.00 AM and 9.00 AM. The shuttle bus service will take you in app. 30 minutes to the nearest stop at Jan Kroonsplein, only 100 mtr. from the event venue! A list of camp sites is to be found [...]

Post Date: March 17, 2017