Parking in Noordwijk

In Noordwijk aan zee, the part of the village closest to the beach, has a permit parking regime. This means that in urban neighbourhoods the inhabitants have to use a permit to park their car. For visitors these neighbourhoods are the most expensive to park.

Close to the centre of Noordwijk aan zee there are several parking lots with more attractive fees, not only per hour/minute but also per day. We advise our visitors to use the parking spaces on the Koningin Astrid Boulevard or Wantveld for longer term parking. If you don’t need your car during the week, you could choose to park your car near the swimming pool on the Nieuwe Zeeweg; parking is free here. On this map you can see (by color) where parking is permitted at what fee:

For a day’s visit you might use the STRANDPENDEL, a free service where you can park your car at the outskirts of Noordwijk and hop on the shuttle bus to the boulevard. This service runs on all days with beach weather.

Parking card for 3 hours for your arrival 

Upon arrival we have scratch card (see under) available for 3 hours of free parking in the designated areas. Please follow instructions carefully!
• Scratch open your arrival day
– By scratching weekdays and date and month (upper section)
• Scratch open your arrival time at your parking space (lower section)

Please mind that suppletions, changes or other make the parking ticket invalid. Parking fines amount up to 100 EURO!
Please mind where you park your car during the event!