Crew pool

Do you like to participate in the Hobie 2017 Multi Worlds & Europeans, but you don’t have a boat?

Do you have a boat, but are you searching for crew?

Do you have a boat available but do you not intend to sail it yourself and can make it available to somebody who does?

Please send us an email at and we’ll publish your request and hope to bring you in contact!

Als er nog teams met crew/helm problemen zijn, dan ben ik er zo…. (ervaring EK hobie 16 sardinie, div wk dart18, div wedstrijden op f18(ook tiger en wildcat) o.a. texel en stockholm archipelago) zeil momenteel veel op Hobie 16, en met div mensen op hun f18-s. gr Heinke 06-38633605

My name Bartłomiej Janiszewski , I am willing to attend the event although I have a little trouble finding crew. I have entered for Hobie 16 open and Hobie 16 spi cup. My phone number is +48603110573.

Hello! My name is Guillaume, i’m 20, i’m from France. Following an unexpected event, I am available for the HobieCat European Championship. Do you know someone with a boat and looking for a crew or a skipper ? Don’t hesitate to contact me! Thanks a lot smile emoticon