Hobie® 2017 Multi Worlds & Europeans

Welcome on the website of the combined Worlds Championships & European Championships of the Hobie Cat® classes, to be held from July 20 till July 29, 2017. Venue will be the beautiful village of Noordwijk (a.k.a. “the beach of Amsterdam”) on the shores of the North Sea.

The Zeilvereniging Noordwijk (ZVN), the coastal sailing club of Noordwijk, is very proud to host the Hobie® 2017 Multi Worlds & Europeans; it celebrates its 60 anniversary as the oldest beach sailing club of the Netherlands. The club has a long track record with regard to cat sailing, as a strong promotor of the Hobie® class and as a breeding place for talented sailors. The club, it’s members and it’s volunteers are looking forward very much to welcome you in their backyard and show why they are so proud to be part of this ‘family’

After granting the Hobie® 2017 Multi Worlds & Europeans to the Netherlands, both the European Hobie Cat® Class Association (EHCA) as well as the Dutch Hobie Cat® Class Association (HCKAN) have strived to have it named a World Championship for the ISAF recognised classes. This means that at this moment, the event will be a World Championship for HOBIE 14 and HOBIE WILD CAT and a European Championship for the HOBIE 16 and HOBIE DRAGOON. All parties involved will try to obtain approval from World Sailing to also grant the World Championship title to the HOBIE DRAGOON, thus promoting cat sailing among our talented youngsters. Mark you: the annual Dutch Dragoon Cup has seen more than 30 Dragoons on the Veerse Meer for 3 consecutive years! We hope to convince World Sailing that we will meet their requirement of more than 25 boats competing in 2017 for sure.

What about the other Hobie® classes, like HOBIE TIGER and HOBIE FX ONE? The ZVN aims to “throw a real HOBIE CAT® party” and would like to see as much Hobie® aficionados on their beach as possible. On the other hand, organizing a European Championship requires a representative fleet on the water as well. We therefore would like to have a European Championship for all Hobie® classes that meet the number of 8 paid-up entrants on June 1, 2017 from at least 2 different countries. So don’t hold back, engage your fellow-class mates and register a.s.a.p. In case of cancellation of a class, entry fees will be returned of course.

The ZVN, IHCA, EHCA and HCKAN are strongly committed to organize an exciting, vibrant, competitive & social Hobie® 2017 Multi Worlds & Europeans in Noordwijk. In the upcoming months, regularly updates of the programme, notice of race, accommodation et cetera will be posted on this website and the linked social media. After the 2016 Hobie® Europeans in Neusiedler See (AUT) we will have more than enough information available for you to have your entry being just a formality; nobody wants to miss out on this one in 2017!

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