Hobie Multiworlds and Europeans at Noordwijk, Netherlands – Day 3

Today was proof that Hobie sailing in the Netherlands is so interesting and fun. The first two races on Saturday were brilliant, due to nice moderate winds from the West, fortunately nothing like what was forecasted the day before.

At the starts of race three the wind calmed down a bit, leaving a nice chop on the North Sea. Due to the absolute lack of wind on race day 2, an extra fourth race was sailed today for the Hobie 14, Hobie 16 Youth with SPI and the Hobie Dragoon. At the start of race 4 the wind picked up again due to overcast, much to the appreciation of the sailors.

The morning sun drew masses of enthusiastic spectators to Noordwijks’ beautiful beach, and the mellow music and tasty food contributed greatly to the ‘Hobie way of Life’

With the increase of wind today reigning Hobie 14 World Champion Blaine Dodds had a good day and moved on to a podium finish. Two first places, a second and fifth. Baine won the race with the strongest wind when it gusted up to 18 knots. Blaine said, “when the wind was in I found my speed. It was wonderful sailing conditions today and I had enjoyed my races today.”

Leader Georgia Fletcher-Myers was in considerable pain today and visited the doctors before sailing. But battled on to keep her championship chances alive. With tomorrow being the last day of racing.

Today races were sailed in the Hobie 14, Hobie Youth SPI, Hobie Dragoon, Hobie 16 Grand Masters and Hobie 16 Great Grand Masters.

This evening, the sailors, their families and the members of the Zeilvereniging Noordwijk will join in a huge celebration for the 60th anniversary of our host to the Hobie 2017 Mulitworlds & Europeans event. An evening filled with food, drinks, joy and live music!

Things are looking good for tomorrow; weather conditions are favourable for interesting racing; moderate side – onshore winds, again from Western directions. And hopefully some sunshine to vary with occasional showers.

Full results can be found at www.hobieworlds.com

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