Hobie Multiworlds and Europeans at Noordwijk, Netherlands – Day 6

Hobie 16 European qualifying for the Gold and Silver fleets.

A large swell greeted the Hobie 16 sailors in Noordwijk wishing to qualifying for the Hobie 16 Gold Fleet and the chance to win the Hobie 16 European Championships. The leading boats will be allowed to enter the Gold Fleet with the sailors who have qualified in their own country.

Many of the sailors decided it best not to leave the beach with the swell and shore break. Those that did venture had four races in 15-20 knots of breeze and excellent surfing conditions.

Many of the sailors did only 3 races as they had done enough to qualify for the Gold Fleet. Those close to the ‘cut off’ and one or two others enjoyed the conditions they sailed the 4th race of the day.

Tomorrow the fleet will be split with the Gold Fleet sailors receiving brand new mainsail and jib with battens from Hobie Cat Europe.

Also joining the Hobie 16 fleet with be the Hobie Tiger and Hobie Wild Cat. The Wild Cat will be a world Championships where current world champion Mitch Booth will be sailing with his daughter Rita.

Full results can be found at www.hobieworlds.com

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