Hobie Multiworlds and Europeans at Noordwijk, Netherlands – Day 8

The second day of the Hobie®Wild Cat World Championships , Hobie 16 Open Europeans and Hobie Tiger International Cup sailors were treated to some excellent Hobie sailing conditions. With the last races of the day sailed in an average of 18 knots with a gust of 22 knots. With a small swell running the sailors had some of the best downwind sailing conditions.

Two courses are used ,Wild Cat, Tiger and Hobie 16 Silver on one course and
The Hobie Wild Cat World Championships had four races, which tested the limit of the sailors.

Reigning World Champion Mitch Booth (ESP) ‘that was hard work when the wind . While former Hobie 14 & 16 World Champion Blaine Dodds, RSA ‘ when the wind was pumping it was fun, though my crew Charles mybe feeling a bit tired now’

The leader board has the top three placegetters are all Hobie World Champions.

Overall results after 2 races

1. Mitch Booth/ Rita Booth ESP
2. Blaine Dodds / Charles Girard RSA
3. Clement Peduzzi/ Maxime Blondeau FRA

The Hobie 16 Gold Fleet leader board had a shuffle of placers with all the top spots being master sailors. With current Hobie 16 World Champion, Daniel Bornholt DEN back in 8th place. Unfortuntley for Daniel his crew was Georgia Warren_Myers who injured herself in the Hobie 14 World Championships and could not compete. While Daniel found a very experienced crew in Rupert Harvengt, they have never meet until the first race yesterday. Also neither skipper nor crew speak a common language. This makes communication on the boat nearly impossible. Though it didn’t stop Daniel and Rupert from winning the last race of the day.

After four races Hobie 16 Gold Fleet:
1. Ingo Delius/ Sanine Delius-Wenig GER
2. Jens Goritz / Karen Weiese-Dohse GER
3. Rogier Duijndam / Sonja Steevoorden NED

Hobie 16 Silver Fleet
1. Peter Spijker / Wilbert Hameet NED
2. Herbert Dercksen /Willam Dercksen NED
3. Carsten Scermer /Eske Schermer GER

Tomorrow will certainly be a challenge for the sailors with 20-25 knots predicted.

Full results on www.hobieworlds.com

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