New Notice of Race published – first entry date prolonged

The earlier relased pre-limenary notice of race (NoR) have been replaced by the final version today. Amongst others, the new NoR contain the proper racing schedule regarding the invited classes. In cooperation with EHCA and IHCA some smaller wording issues have been eliminated. With approval of IHCA, the Hobie Tiger European Championships have also been announced as the “Hobie Tiger International Cup”, hence hoping to attract more competitors from outside this continent. But even more prominent, hoping to meet the World Sailing requirements of 25 boats from at least 5 countries and 2 continents to make it possible to get approval to organize a Hobie Tiger Worlds the next time.

For the Dragoon we also expect to reach this hurdle in 2017 given the fact the Dutch Dragoon Cup attracts more than 25 Dragoons each year from The Netherlands and Belgium only. We will even try to persude World Sailing to waive the requirement for the upcoming event already to promote the participation of youth sailors. The earlier we achieve this hurdle, the more time for persuation we will have đŸ˜‰

Another significant change is the shift in the first early entry date. Everyone signing up and pay the entry fee before January 31, 2017 will be granted the lowest entry fees! To prevent misunderstanding, we kindly suggest everyone to use the PAY module in the Online Entry procedure; this will give you certainty about the proper fee applied and will also deliver you the confirmation of registration straight away.

You can find the new version of the Notice of Race on the Notice Board in the EVENT category.

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