Camping shuttle bus service

During the Hobie® Multi Worlds & Europeans 2017, a shuttle bus service will be available daily. This hop-on, hop-off bus runs at 10.00 AM, 11.00 AM and 12.00 AM. The shuttle bus service will take you in app. 30 minutes to the nearest stop at Jan Kroonsplein, only 100 mtr. from the event venue!

At 18.00 PM and 19.00 PM the shuttle bus service runs back to the camp sites. Most of them are located at Kraaierslaan, Randweg, Schulpweg, Duinweg and Kapelleboslaan. The bus service also stops at NH Hotel Leeuwenhorst in Noordwijkerhout.

The shuttle bus service is run by the two major local personal travel companies, Royal Beuk Touringcars and Brouwers Tours. The normal operating hours are free of charge. The extra runs may inflict additional costs, but at this moment we are investigating the possibility to host these services at well free of charge for competitors.