Parking facilities

The village of Noordwijk is divided in two centres: ‘Noordwijk aan Zee’ and ‘Noordwijk Binnen’. In Noordwijk aan Zee a system of permit parking for inhabitants is in place. There are however several parking facilities available near the event venue.

The Zeilvereniging Noordwijk is located at beach entrance nr. 10 which is at the most southern side of the Koningin Wilhelmina Boulevard (near the Palaceplein). Directly next to the beach entrance there is a parking space (paid) where short term parking is favoured (after 2 hours rates increase rapidly). At 200 meter distance on the Jan Kroonsplein there is parking space with the possibility to buy a day permit (underneath Vomar supermarket). A very good alternative for longterm parking is on the seaside of the Koning Astrid Boulevard; after 200 meter take the right entrance to a large parking space with day permits for EUR 7,50/day. Enter the beach and you’re just a 150 meter distance from the boat parking.

On the map below several parking spaces are indicated. At this time (November 2016) we do not know whether we can make special arrangements with the local government for our competitors. East of the thin blue line, parking is free. This is less than 1 km. from the event venue. All paid facilities are closer by. Coming from outside of Noordwijk, there is also a possibility to park (free) near the entrance of the village next to Van Berckelweg 32 and use the free shuttle bus to reach the main boulevard.